The Space Cowboy: Stranger Than Fiction

4 May |


55 x Guinness world record breaker, The Space Cowboy presents his brand new science stunt show.

See the stunts that crowned The Space Cowboy winner of the Science Channels hit series 'Outrageous acts of Science', as he reveals the secrets of his craft. 

Joined by special guest and mad Scientist Professor Patrick Sparks this dynamic duo push mind, body and science to the limit in a series of mind-blowing experiments to prove that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C Clarke. .

Acting as human guinea pigs they will conduct a series of bizarre experiments upon themselves and others; including a high-speed lesson in reaction time, blindfolded arrow-catching, demonstrations of mind-control through neuroscience and an assessment of the conductivity of human skin with high voltage electricity. 

Stranger than Fiction is a hilariously entertaining, educational and daring science stunt show not to be missed. 

Warning - Sparks, chainsaws and arrows will fly and your heart will pound during this jaw-dropping performance created for children and adults alike. 


WINNER The Festival Hub. Peoples choice awardEdinburgh Fringe Festival 

WINNER Outrageous Acts Of Science, Science Channel Television show 2018 


"An unforgettable experience" 

Mark Dapin (Sydney Morning Herald) 


"Absolutely 100% Magnificent" 

Dani Minogue 


"I'm completely in awe" 



"A record breaking hero" 

Craig Glenday (Guinness Book Of World Records Editor in chief) 



Suitability Rated: PG

Presented by: The Space Cowboy present